Sunday, October 25, 2009

Free Music Distribution Setups

Free Music Distribution Setups

In this post I want to consider what would be a good setup, hardware and software wise, to distribute Free Music in the particular case of a DJ or musician or band doing a Free set or a Free show.


D-Link DSM-G600 Wireless G Network Storage Enclosure
plus an installed disk.


N+ Wireless Router plus a USB external disk or USB flash drive.

all songs to be played could be loaded onto the gear and made available for download before, during, and after the set or the show.


Zoom H4 Handy Recorder

The show itself could be recorded and put on the earlier system for download immediately after the show.

I am looking for other ideas along these lines as well as pointers to other hardware that could do the job better and or cheaper.

Do you know of any Free Music artists / DJs doing something like this now?

What about video of the event? Would that be more difficult license wise?

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  1. The Zoom is great for recording live shows. It can do soundboard recordings when you have access, but it's just as easy to flip on the mics for a great-quality room sound. Unfortunately, you can't do both at once, which would be a killer feature, but it does the trick nicely.

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