Monday, June 9, 2014

John Option

John Option

Well, it has been a long time since I did a little Free Music pushing here but today is the day.

I point you to:

John Option and their video:

My monkey

I was reading the Linux Audio User mailing list today when I saw their post. Here is a little excerpt:

"Of course the song is published under the terms of the
Creative Commons License (CC-BY-SA) and it's completely produced only
with free software: Ardour, Hydrogen, Jack, Qsynth, CALF, and many
other great free audio software that we used under a GNU/Linux system."


"So we published the single recording tracks of the song My
monkey and the complete Ardour session. All this material is published
in our official website[1] under the CC-BY-SA license so that anyone
can use our tracks to produce a remix of our song or even a new song
that have to be published under the same license."

Way to go John Option! I wish you much success with this effort.

You might find some stuff on the Packet In wiki that be useful in your efforts.

So folks, look in on John Option and give them a listen.


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